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The Akkeshi

The Akkeshi New Born Foundations 4 Malt and Grain Whisky (200ml)

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This stunning Akkeshi New Born Foundation 4 is the latest release in the popular series from the Akkeshi Distillery, situated in the far north of Japan on the island of Hokkaido. The climate there is perfect for whisky production, in fact, it was Hokkaido that Japanese whisky legend Masataka Taketsuru chose as the location for his first distillery. 

This new expression is made up from both malt and grain whisky and has the unique attribute of including whisky produced from Hokkaido barley malt (known as Ryofu), something that is very rare in the Japanese whisky market. The carefully created expression has been matured in the finest sherry butts available and the range of notes on offer is simply outstanding.

Oranges, salted caramel, subtle banana and a maple syrup like sweetness combine seamlessly with dark chocolate, white pepper and gentle hints of raisin to create something that is truly unique and mouth-watering. 

Much like its predecessors, this exciting new expression is sure to be a big hit with Japanese whisky fans around the world. It is set for release on August 29th of this year, so if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on it and taste the exquisite whisky inside.