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Kakaako Wine

Tequila Anejo Discovery Pack (5 Bottles) - featuring 1 Bottle Fortaleza Anejo

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Explore the Anejo category with five distinct selections.

To be classified as an añejo, a Tequila must age for at least one year and can be aged up to three years in an oak barrel. In some instances, aged Tequilas are regarded as the best of their kind. The longer a spirit ages, the more it changes to showcase new flavors and colors.


Bundle includes 1 bottle of each:

Fortaleza Tequila Anejo (750 ml)

Siete Leguas Anejo (700ml)

Maestro Dobel Tequila Anejo (750ml)

Terralta Tequila Anejo (750ml)

Casa Noble Tequila Anejo (750ml)