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Ola Hard Tea

Ola Hard Tea Tulsi Berry 6 Cans (12 oz)

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One of our original Kona Coffee leaf tea flavors, reimagined as an even crisper Hard Tea!

Tulsi, or holy basil, is an important ayurvedic tea plant common throughout the tropical climates of the Pacific. It may occasionally look and smell like your familiar Italian basil, but taste it, and the strong, numbing sensation of clove oil will let you know this is not your common basil.

When brewed as a tea, Tulsi has a fermented berry flavor on its own, so we chose to highlight this with other choice ingredients such as lavender and just a touch of berry flavor. Accordingly, the tea and berry are strong in this one! Berry flavors lend themselves to sweetness, so this one is actually the “sweetest” of our teas – but rest assured that it is still very balance and refreshing.