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Noble Oak

Mimosa Cocktail Kit

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It's said we can thank the British for inventing "brunch," but it's their frenemies across the way that deserve our gratitude for creating brunch's favorite beverage, the Mimosa.  This simple drink of equal parts Sparkling Wine and Orange Juice is named for a the beautiful yellow flowers that form on a plant of the same name and was first enjoyed at the Paris's Ritz Hotel in 1925.  Someone has their 100th birthday coming up.  Perhaps we celebrate over.... brunch? 


  • 3 oz Villa Sandi Il Prosecco (chilled)
  • 3 oz Orange Juice (chilled)
  • Orange twist for garnish*

Pour the sparkling wine down the inside edge of a champagne flute.  Top with chilled orange juice.  Express the orange twist over the top and enjoy!

Kit Contains

  • 1 bottle Villa Sandi Il Prosecco (750ml)
  • 2 bottles Orange Juice (15.2 oz)

Kit does not contain Orange garnish