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Liquid Alchemist

Liquid Alchemist Orgeat Syrup (375ml)

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LIQUID ALCHEMIST PREMIUM COCKTAIL SYRUPS are small batch cocktail syrups made from natural ingredients that have an excellent shelf life. Los Angeles, California bartending professional founded the company in 2009 with a goal to inspire cocktail creativity among bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike to make the best craft cocktails at home or in their professional bar without all the prep work. These cocktail syrups streamline the workflow for bartenders and take the guesswork out of making great cocktails at home. 


• Liquid Alchemist Almond Orgeat is a premium & natural almond based cocktail syrup.

• Contains the essential ingredients to make a classic “Mai Tai” cocktail

• Crafted with California almonds, cane sugar, and orange blossom water.

• Made in the USA. Excellent refrigerated shelf life after opening.