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Lagavulin Offerman Edition Caribbean Rum Cask Finish (750ml)

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Lagavulin proudly presents the Lagavulin 11 Year Offerman 2024 Caribbean Cask Finish Edition. The whisky is the result of a collaboration with the American actor Nick Offerman, known from the iconic series "Parks and Recreation", in which he plays the role of the meat and whisky lover Ron Swanson. The duo has been entertaining the whisky world with their mini-series "Tales of Whisky" for several years and achieved gold in San Francisco with the first Offerman editions. For the new edition, Offerman follows his soft spot for adventures at sea. He travels to the Caribbean, from where he brings the idea for fruity-sweet flavours in his favourite whisky back to Islay. With the 4th Offerman Edition "Caribbean Cask Finish", the groundbreaking result of this epic story is not only worth seeing, but also worth tasting.