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2015 Paulownia Cabernet Sauvignon

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"The inky violet color of our debut release is the prelude to a voluminous, beautifully textured wine born of an exceptional vintage. From fragrant impressions of blackberry jam, dark chocolate, violets and sage to subtle traces of flint and espresso, the wine’s bouquet gives way to vibrant flavors of fresh berries, sour cherries, and vanilla. Consistent on the palate from beginning to end, there is notable purity and excellent balance between velvety ripe fruit, natural acidity, and fine tannins. The wine finishes long with alluring notes of cloves, allspice, and black fruits.   

The distinctive expressions of this wine come from its place of origin. Located just north of St. Helena in Napa Valley, Glass Mountain was formed millennia ago, when a volcanic eruption ejected obsidian from deep within the earth. Today, the vineyard still retains outcroppings of volcanic glass mixed into the volcanic loam and clay soil, a unique attribute that influences the wine."

Winemaker Notes