Four Peaks Brewing Rose Our Way 6 Bottles (12 oz)

Four Peaks Brewing Rose Our Way 6 Bottles (12 oz)

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Rosé Our Way, a beer specifically brewed to mimic the flavors—and appearance—of Rosé wine, returns this week. Is this the beer that’ll end the “beer vs. wine” debate forever?

“Rosé Our Way is our attempt to bring an end to the ‘beer or wine’ debate we see happening at dinner tables nationwide every night,” says Andy Ingram, Four Peaks’ co-founder and head brewer. “Some people prefer beer with dinner. Some people prefer wine. So we said, ‘Why not both?’”

To achieve a wine-like flavor, our brewers designed Rosé Our Way with Mosaic, Hallertau Blanc and Southern Passion hops, which are known to exhibit berry, melon, and grape flavors similar to those found in Rosé wine. They then added cranberry juice for a hint of tartness and an alluring blush of color.

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