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Beluga Noble Russian GOLD Vodka - (750ml)

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Size: 750 ml

"Beluga Vodka is a world famous premium luxury Vodka that proudly exudes being “created, not made” Beluga Gold Line is the embodiment of luxury and sophistication, created for true connoisseurs of strong spirits. Beluga Gold Line is produced from the purest Siberian Artesian water and wheat malt spirit that undergoes 5x filtration. Finally, Beluga Gold Line has a resting period of 90 days, allowing it time to mature and ensuring its superior taste. Beluga Gold is made for exceptional people and special moments. Each bottle comes with its own serial number and a cork stopped with sealing wax, which guarantees the quality of the product."

Awarded 94 points by Wine Enthusiast magazine.

Best served with caviar 

Appearance: Crystal clear

Nose: Fresh, pure aroma with delicate notes of grains, wheat and alpine herbs 

Taste: Soft, creamy, with a balanced structure and exquisite sweetness

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