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Azienda Agricola Tintero Elvio

Azienda Agricola Tintero Elvio Bianco

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Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Vintage: NV

Cépage: Favorita (50%); Arneis (35%); Chardonnay (10%); Moscato (5%)

Size: 750 ml

Rating(s): NR

" I opened a bottle of Tintero Bianco for dinner the other night, and after one sip my wife turned to me and said, “This is fun.” She’s right. The unique blend of Favorita, Moscato, Arneis, and Chardonnay is dry but not tart, fruity but not cloying, and held together with a gentle effervescence. Marco Tintero bottles our allocation on demand, so we get the freshest wine possible. I don’t remember what we ate that night, but I remember the Bianco."

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