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Vignai Da Duline

2019 Vignai Da Duline Malvasia Chioma Integrale

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Country: Italy

Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia

Vintage: 2019

Cépage: Malvasia Istriana (100%)

Size: 750 ml

Rating(s): NR

" The word to pay attention to here is Malvasia. The Malvasia in this bottling, however, is not just any old Malvasia clone, which can be found all around the Mediterranean. It is the grandest of the Malvasia clones, called Malvasia Istriana, planted throughout Friuli Venezia Giulia, in northeastern Italy, near the Slovenian border. “Chioma Integrale” refers to Duline’s philosophy of not trimming the vines and, more generally, allowing all kinds of plant life to grow within their vineyards. Intensely mineral—practically saline—and zesty but with good flesh on the bone, this remarkable Italian bianco is perfectly suited to all kinds of seafood. "

Winemakers' Notes