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Famiglia Cotarella

2018 Famiglia Cotarella Ferentano Cotarella

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Country: Italy

Region: Lazio

Vintage: 2018

Cépage: Roscetto (100%)

Size: 750 ml

Rating(s): 92 (RP); 90 (JS)

" The 2018 Ferentano Cotarella is made with the indigenous Roscetto grape that gets its name from the local word for “violet.” It was traditionally used in tiny amounts in the white blends of Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone, but the Cotarella family is the first I know of to vinify it as a monovarietal wine. The grape produces low yields and has very thick skins. This wine is made with cryomaceration and six to seven hours of skin contact. Indeed, those thick skins play an important role in the resulting density of the wine and its good aging potential. This vintage shows good freshness and structure with aromas of stone fruit and even some red fruit aromas like cranberry or plum. It finishes in neutral oak for six months."

Monica Larner (RP) - 05/23